Jeep Safari Alanya – A Complete Guide

Jeep Safari is one of the most popular touristic routes in and around Alanya. So for those that are ready for an adventure, here’s all the info for visiting.

Jeep Safari Alanya – A Complete Guide

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Tour details

Alanya jeep safari tour is a great fun and nature safari tour organized by 4×4 Landrover safari jeeps. While we were experiencing it, there were 10 jeeps on the tour! It was really perfect! The tours are organized daily. Pick-ups from hotels and drop-offs at the hotels by jeeps are possible (which is a +). Pick up time varies, usually it is about 8:30am-9:00am at the morning and drop off time at the hotel is around 4pm. Equally, if you are at the resort near Alanya, it is also possible that you join the bus provided by your hotel, it takes you from your resort to Alanya where you join other jeeps and tourists.


What to expect on Jeep Safari Alanya

An awesome day out and lots of adventures.

Alanya jeep safari tour was one of the highlights of our stay in Turkey and we would recommend such adventure to all of you!

We could go on to explain every aspect of our day and talk you through our step by step experience, but we feel like some things are better left unsaid, I mean, it is better if you experienced without knowing about them in advance.

A trip in short

But, let us explain shortly: a safari starts with a drive among villages and fruit gardens, we saw bananas, lemons, oranges, it was gorgeous! A drive continues to a Taurus Mountains, the mountains offer amazing view over Alanya. There is also a break for those ones who loves to take pictures.

You should get ready now as you are going to be driven through really dusty roads, but omg, it is so much fun!

After, you go to a Turkish village house located in the mountains; I was overwhelmed by this experience! I mean, these people are so modest but they are unbelievably happy!

You also get to visit the mosque where you get the information about Islam religion. The best part comes now, but we won’t mention it, you gotta get this experience yourself!

Afterwards, you drive down to Dim Valley and you also get to swim in the Dimçay River. After, you enjoy the lunch at local restaurant which has sofas over the water.

Our advice

  • take comfortable shoes (I was wearing flip-flops)
  • wear swimsuit (really! From the beginning of the tour)
  • wear clothes you don’t mind get dirty and will be useless until the end of your trip
  • put your phone and camera into something which is impervious to water
  • not an advice but this tour is children and family friendly

These were all the info’s for visiting, let’s enjoy your ride.

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