Mallorca In 3 Days – The Perfect Itinerary

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For a while now, Mallorca has been a place so worth visiting! If you’re short on time, here’s our easy-to-follow Mallorca in 3 days Itinerary to help you tick off all the bucket-list spots – 3 days and two nights to help you plan yours.

Mallorca In 3 Days – The Perfect Itinerary

Day 1 – Top 4 Tips

Although it might seem that three days are insufficient to explore such a lovely island, it is not valid. There is a lot to see in just three days! After we landed in Mallorca, we drove straight to the North as we couldn’t wait to see the well-known Cap de Formentor or Alcudia’s beautiful beaches.

Rent a car

However, the first thing we recommend to do (if you didn’t do it earlier online), you definitely should rent a car! It is many ways better to explore it around. Our best choice was renting a car through Centauro.

Your car rental using Centauro can be done in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Greece. Moreover, using our promo code “IWWTRL15” at checkout, you get a 15% discount! (extras not included) What a deal.

Inca City

If you are about to spend a day outside the resort, or if you are trying to find a place that is ancient but quiet, not full of tourists yet, Inca is the right choice. It’s about 30 minutes drive from Palma City. What I love about the city is that you can easily get lost in the corner streets! Yeah, man, this was my cup of tea!

Alcúdia Old Town

This city is full of history and is worth a visit. A peaceful atmosphere, city walls, and hospitable citizens, this is for sure something that will make your trip pleasant! It also offers many picturesque streets with painted windows, warm stone walls, many bars, restaurants, and options for shopping. There is free parking just outside the city walls. You should stop by.

Platja d’Alcúdia

Not only Alcudia has a beautiful Old Town, but it also offers lots of beautiful beaches to visit. Beautiful and well-kept beach, nice shallow walk into the water, and plenty of shops around to suit all budgets and tastes! Well worth a visit.

Cap de Formentor + Lighthouse of Cap de Formentor

Incredible experience! One of the most picturesque locations I have ever seen… wow!

The road is a bit challenging, but it is worth it. You can go all the way up with a car. However, there is not plenty of parking spots… but we were lucky. The view is just amazing. There’s not so much stuff to do there, but it’s something worth seeing.

Day 2 – The Perfect Trips

The aim of this day was exact. We wanted to move from the North to the South. On our way, we stopped at these beautiful places, and we added them to our Mallorca in 3 days itinerary:

Torrent de Pareis

The Torrent de Pareis is a Unesco world heritage site. It is one of the most scenic and well-known day walks in Mallorca.

We were about to go there, but we realized it could take us the whole day, and we also wanted to see some other places. We have read that the canyon could be flooded, so we decided not to go. However, if you visit Mallorca during the primary season, this place should be on your list.


If you also love wandering around corner streets, I have another historical city tip for you! This time you have to drive about 35 minutes west from Palma. Another city I love!

Ferrocarril de Sóller

A company running for over 100 years offers rides in old-school & cozy trams and trains.

A Tram

one of the biggest attractions in Mallorca
– it goes from the Sóller city center to the Puerto de Sóller and back
– the duration is app. 30 minutes
– the ticket is bought at the tram in cash only
when can I experience it?

A Train from Palma de Mallorca > Sóller > Puerto de Sóller and back

– you make take a train from Palma de Mallorca > to Sóller
– and a tram from Sóller > to Puerto de Sóller and back
– 1 journey is app. 2 hours
– the ticket can be bought at Palma de Mallorca station
– this combination ticket costs 32€
– when can I experience it?


A pretty rural town in the mountains of West Mallorca with about 2,000 inhabitants is a must-see. Its ancient blonde stone houses contrast vividly against the surrounding green forests around and the blue sky above. This idyllic city is only about 20 minute’s drive from Palma.

Day 3 – Palma de Mallorca

Last but not least, we saved the capital for the end! In one day only, we saw:

Plaza Mayor

A fantastic place with all kinds of shopping outlets around. Lovely square; however, it is full of tourists. Architecturally the Plaza Mayor in Palma is beautiful. The building is beautiful.

Palma Cathedral

In other words, the dominant of the city, which is also beautiful during the day and night. The atmosphere is gorgeous here. The cathedral shines nicely in the evening, so it is worth visiting both day and night. I bet you didn’t know that the entrance is free before and during the mass. It’s a must-see.

Castel de Bellver

Clean and well organized, the admission fee is reasonable (4 euros per adult, 2 euros per 14-18y, free for <14y). It’s straightforward to get there by bus, as well as by car. If you want to go up, you can also walk 504 stairs up. The views are amazing.

Royal Palace of La Almudania

This is next to the cathedral; the entrance fee is 7€ per adult. However, I have heard all Europeans have free entry at 5 pm. The free entry possibility is only valid in summer.

Beach or Historical Centre?

I must admit that while trying to find a parking spot, we drove about 45 minutes around Palma. We managed to see both beaches and the historic center. I would say it’s up to you what you decide to visit. If you love to relax at a beach, go for it. However, if you love corner streets, don’t hesitate to get lost there.

Where to stay in Mallorca

Choosing accommodation mostly depends on your standards. Suppose you happen to travel low-cost; good for you. We also do. However, once in a blue moon, e.g., out of season, we throw caution to the wind and book something luxurious! This time, the first night, we stayed at the North, and the second, we moved down to Palmanova. What a good choice! We were on cloud nine with both of our options. Here they are:

Seaclub Mediterranean Resort

We had a wonderful stay at SeaClub Resort. Our apartment was very spacious, and the bed was comfy, too. The complex is extensive, with plenty of pools, sun loungers, and facilities. I would recommend it for a summer stay for sure!

Hotel Gabarda & Gil

Lovely great hotel with a friendly staff! It has the ideal location, about 8 mins from the beachfront. The breakfast for 3 euros is cooked freshly for you. Rooms are modestly designed, but you find all you need.

This is our Mallorca in 3 days itinerary. Hopefully, it will help you plan yours.


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